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Sara Lee Individually Wrapped Muffins, Slices and cookies are incredibly versatile and perfect for people on the go or in situations where food must be served and left to be enjoyed at a later time. The Sara Lee Individually Wrapped Range is prepared and wrapped hygienically for easy and safe distribution and are frozen to maintain freshness. Simply thaw for distribution or display and sale.

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Individually Wrapped (Muffin)
Snap frozen straight from the oven to maintain freshness, these muffins are individually wrapped, ensuring a convenient product that is easy and hygienic to handle - perfect for people on the go.
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Muffin - Individually Wrapped
Individually Wrapped (Cookies)
Sara Lee's Individually Wrapped Cookies are ideal for customers on the run or for occasions where food is distributed for later enjoyment.
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Cookies - Individually Wrapped
Individually Wrapped (Mervin Muffin)
Mervin brings you these muffins that taste so great the children and teachers who tasted them in research described them with words like 'scrumdidilicious' and '15 out of 10'.
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