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Sara Lee's light, golden Croissants are made in the traditional style with an all butter recipe to ensure a delicious flavour that simply melts in the mouth. Sara Lee Croissants are an ideal accompaniment to a meal or a versatile and appealing snack option. They will be enjoyed served hot or cold, with a choice of sweet or savoury fillings or even left by themselves. Sara Lee Croissants are available in three different sizes to suit your needs and sales opportunities. For your convenience and economic benefit, they are delivered frozen - simply remove the required number of croissants from the package and defrost or warm in the oven from frozen.

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Mini Croissants (Code 95 Pack:8262)
Sara Lee all butter Mini Croissants are an irresistible addition to any menu. These 26gram croissants are ideal to serve as finger food, as a buffet accompaniment, at breakfast bars or as a refreshing alternative to bread rolls.
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Mini Croissants
Traditional Croissant
(Code 48 Pack:8416) (Code 96 Pack:8409)
Sara Lee's light and buttery Traditional Croissants are always a favourite. 50gram croissants are ideal accompaniments to a meal and make appealing snacks.
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Traditional Croissant
Large Croissant (Code:7087)
Ideal for those with a hearty appetite - or simply a passion for Sara Lee Croissants - these large 75-gram croissants are the perfect basis for a quickly prepared lunchtime savoury or sweet treat.
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Large Croissant
Extra Large Croissant (Code:8308)
With no baking required, just thaw-and-serve with a filling of your choice, the new Extra Large Croissant works beautifully on a buffet table or lunch counter and elevates the concept of a sandwich to a whole new sophisticated level.
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Extra Large Croissant