Sara Lee presents a delicious range of Tray Cakes that are full flavoured, rich and irresistible. Carefully made to traditional recipes, only the finest ingredients are used to ensure maximum enjoyment. Choose from a tantalising selection of fruit, chocolate and nut cakes to suit your budget and the occasion - whether it is morning or afternoon tea, a dessert or special event. Simply cut to size, thaw and serve as is or garnish with a dollop of cream, a coulis or fresh fruit.

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Lemon Cake (Code:8312)
The NEW Sara Lee Lemon Cake is deliciously tangy thanks to traditionally light, velvety lemon-flavoured sponge and the delicately smooth icing made with real lemon puree. Easy to portion and serve as it or add some ice-cream, custard or yoghurt on the side!
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lemon cake
White Chocolate and Raspberry Cake (Code:8219)
The Sara Lee White Chocolate and Raspberry Tray Cake is rich and moist with the taste of raspberry, topped with white chocolate frosting and sprinkled with white choc flakes.
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white chocolate and raspberry cake
Banana Cake (Code:8201)
Sara Lee's ever-popular light, moist Banana Cake is made from choice bananas and fresh whole eggs. With a temptingly creamy vanilla icing to enhance the cake's full flavour, you'll find Sara Lee's Banana Cake is a valuable addition to your menu.
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banana cake
Orange Cake (Code:8202)
The refreshing citrus flavour of fresh oranges comes through to make Sara Lee's Orange Cake an enjoyable complement to tea and coffee at any time of the day.
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orange cake
Chocolate Cake (Code:8203)
Sara Lee's Chocolate Cake is an old time favourite. A blend of cocoa, flour and fresh eggs make this cake light but full flavoured. A generous layer of smooth chocolate butter icing makes it irresistible.
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chocolate cake
Carrot Cake (Code:8204)
Sara Lee's deliciously rich, moist Carrot Cake is made from chunky carrot pieces, whole eggs, walnuts and spices then topped with Neufchatel cheese icing and sprinkled with walnuts.
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carrot cake
Hummingbird Cake (Code:8213)
An explosion of flavours that will make every heart sing! Sara Lee moist Hummingbird Cake is made from a tantalising blend of pineapple, banana, coconut and sultanas then perked up with a hint of ginger and cinnamon before being topped with pineapple flavoured icing.
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hummingbird cake
Sultana Cake (Code:8222)
Sara Lee's flavoursome Sultana Cake makes a great afternoon snack on its own or simply add a touch of fruit and custard to create a warm homestyle dessert. This cake is easy to cut into portions and plate serve.
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sultana cake
Chocolate Brownie Uniced (Code:8236)
Sara Lee's delicious Uniced Chocolate Brownie is the perfect base to add fruit, custard, cream or ice cream to create a wonderfully indulgent yet cost effective dessert. This cake is easy to cut into portions and plate serve.
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uniced chocolate brownie  cake
Chocolate Mud Cake (Code:8251)
Sara Lee Chocolate Mud Cake is the ultimate indulgence for any sweet tooth! This rich, traditional style mud cake coated with thick, smooth fudge icing, is a proven winner on any menu. A firm cake that can be cut into portions and plate serve.
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chocolate mud cake